Scrap Booking Craft at the Bead Shop

Scrap Booking in Johannesburg

Scrap booking is a hobby that involves pasting articles, photos,newspaper clippings and other memorabilia into decorative albums that relate to a person or subject close to your heart. Scrap booking is a growing hobby internationally, and you will find people chatting around coffee tables about their latest scrap booking project, and where to buy the best scrap booking material.Scrap booking began as a way to blend memorabilia and journals into one beautifully crafted book. Scrap booking as the craft has really taken off in popularity in South Africa and around the world. As a gift, a wedding memory, or child’s history, it is the perfect way to relax and take a personal walk down memory lane.  

Unique Scrapbook Decorations

There are so many amazing ways to make your scrapbooks different, unique and beautifully put together. One way is to source the latest and best scrap booking material from The Bead Shop. Using beads and other trinkets is a great way to decorate your scrapbooks and make it extra special. 

If like me you are the type of person who is always taking photos and keeps memorabilia from places you visit such as tickets or receipts then scrap booking would be a perfect hobby for you.  And once you start, scrap booking is an incredibly addictive, and lovely way to spend your free afternoons. 

Sitting down for a scrap booking session is such a fantastic way to unwind and think back on people and times from your past, and think about those that have made your family and lives enjoyable and filled with love. 

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