How to Buy Wholesale Beads Online in South Africa

Wholesale Beads Online

Wholesale beads are the preferred method of purchase for all the jewellery makers in South Africa. Beads are the basic ingredient for most jewellery makers. They are used in a range jewellery and clothes for enhanced decoration. If you are in the fashion industry, you need a cheap, efficient and quality wholesale bead supply. The Bead Shop Melville is the leading bead wholesaler in South Africa. And you can now register online to order wholesale beads.

Why Buy Beads Wholesale?

Bead Price: A major reason for buying wholesale beads is price. Beads bought in bulk are affordable. For those who require regular supply of beads wholesale deals can provide great variety at wallet friendly prices.

Selling Advantages: Buying wholesale beads such as wooden beads for making jewelry products or other accessories can increase the profit margins of the jewellery designer. When the jewelry supply is bought at reasonable costs the percentage of profit on selling the end product becomes very high.

Bulk Purchasing: Another good reason to buy wholesale beads.

Buying different varieties of beads at wholesale prices gives you the opportunity to buy in bulk.

How to Buy Wholesale Beads from the Bead Shop

f you registered with the old Bead Shop Website, please take a moment to re-register on the new website. It takes 2 minutes and ensures that we have your correct details for shipping.

1. Click Register at the top of the homepage

2. Ensure that you are using the latest available version of your internet browser so that you can view our website optimally.

How to Place an Order Online

1. Items become an order only at checkout. Items placed in the shopping cart remain in the cart until the item in the cart is converted to an order.

2. Your shopping cart will remain in our system for a maximum of six months if you don’t want to checkout immediately

3. If you shop without logging in, the system will add the items to the cart on login during that session.

4. If you add items to the cart and do not login and simply close the website, the items in the cart will be lost so rather add your items to the "Wishlist"

5. If there is anything you are looking for that you cannot find here, please contact us on

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