Wholesale Beads in South Africa

Walk into The Bead Shop, Melville and simply stroll around. You will notice numerous beads in an array of colors, sizes, shapes, and designs! For bead lovers, shopping in a wholesale bead environment is pretty darn exciting! With an array of beads made from almost any material you could ever imagine, from glass beads, wooden beads, clay beads and plastic beads to shell beads, metal beads, pearl beads and semi-precious stone beads, you will be able to pick up a broad range of wholesale beads at the best prices.

Wholesale Beads in South Africa.

Beads are used for designing different types of jewellery pieces and modifying clothing.

Different Kinds Of Beads

Seed Beads - Seed beads are small, round pieces made from different materials. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors, and are mostly used for adorning garments through various sewing and embroidery techniques. The smallest of seed beads are referred to as size 10 or 12, while little chunkier ones are of size 8.

The most common materials used for making seed beads are glass or plastic though you can find them in wood, pearl, jet, metal and other
materials as well. The seed bead family includes, Chinese, Czech, Japanese, round, Delica, square, triangle, bugle, and hex beads.

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