Charm Bracelets using Wooden Beads

A charm bracelet is just one of the many things that little girls have in their jewellery boxes. They are sparkly, shiny and they reflect their owners loves. But what do wooden beads have to do with charm bracelets?

Charm bracelets always come in gold and silver, complete with dangling ballet slippers, tiaras, purses, shopping bags, high heels, and lipsticks.To name but a few...

For years they’ve been a special treasure for so many little girls. However, times have changed. So many aspects of fashion and style have
been updated, and jewellery is right up there with these trend changes.

The update in trend does not mean that you have to totally abandon all of your old favourites.

Bead Wholesaler Johannesburg

The question is do you have to wear the same little bracelet your parents gave you when you were twelve? Style update tip: Try wearing a leather and wooden bead charm bracelet that you can put together yourself with wooden beads and all the other material that you can buy at The Bead Shop.

Charm bracelets are no longer confined to just their gold and silver shells. Leather and wood have taken the style industry by storm.

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