What are Seed Beads and Where Can I Buy Them in South Africa?

Making jewellery at home is an old tradition. Many people express their creativity through the creation of beautiful pieces of jewellery. One of the most common materials used in making jewellery is beads and seed beads in particular. Keep reading to find out what all the hype about seed beads is and why they are the preferred beds for jewellery makers and wearers alike. 

Seed beads are really tiny, but are incredibly versatile. They are made with incredible precision and are really consistent in size, shape and colour. They are the bead makers friend when it comes to making jewellery. Seed beads are often used in jewellery to fill up the spaces near the pendants.

These little beads complement and complete the design. Often, the attention gets diverted to the pendant of a necklace. But if we consider beyond the central piece of the jewellery then we would see frequent use of seed beads in different kinds of necklaces.

These beads are tiny but beautiful. When paired with other beads like bugle beads, cube beads, triangular beads or the regular ones, they help make absolutely gorgeous jewellery. Whatever type of seed bead, or any bead in general that you are looking for, can be find right here at The Bead Shop, Melville.

If you would like to register to buy them straight off the online catalogue please do so on The Bead Shop Website.  As a well known and respected jewellery and bead wholesaler, we provide all the material that you need to make beautiful jewellery that can be managed with a professional touch.