The Simplicity of Sequins

Change Your Look With the Simplicity of Sequins

Getting a new look does not necessarily mean that you have to rush to the shops and buy a completely new wardrobe. Adding a shimmer and a sparkle will go a long way in changing the nature of the outfits that you have in your closet. This article puts sequins in the spotlight and will hopefully give you some crafty ideas to change your look from drab and dull to sparkly as hell. Turn trousers into skirts, add sequins to tops and make a one-off look. If clothes are getting tired, turning them into something new is a sure way to save money and always have a fresh look. Add a sequin handbag to any outfit and it gives it a timeless look of quality and sophistication. If you are not keen to go out and buy a lot of accessories, The Bead Shop stocks a great variety of sequins and beads that can be added to clothes or necklaces, to update your look in no time at all.

The Nature of Sequins

Sequins are no longer the dull and drab additions to outfits that you remember your grandmother wearing to family events. Sequins have evolved, and are now available in different shapes and sizes and can be added in creative ways to add an element of pizazz to an otherwise ordinary blouse. Need some inspiration? Visit The Bead Shop online or better yet, pop into our store in Johannesburg South Africa and be blown away by the array of sequins that we have on offer.