Fabric Flowers

Boho Chic and The Bead Shop

Boho chic goes beyond the style of clothes that you wear. It is abut the accessories and how you put your items together to lend your look a carefree vibe. Using fabric flowers from The Bead Shop, you can achieve this look in no time at all. When you hear the term "fabric flowers" you may conjure up images of embroidery and old ladies. But that is only if you haven’t familiarised yourself with Boho Chic. You can make your own Boho chic headband, using large and small fabric flowers from The Bead Shop. Whether you are looking for large or small fabric flowers, The Bead Shop is the place for you.

Boho Chic Headband

Once you have chosen the fabric colour that you will use to make your headband, you can bring it to The Bead Shop in order to compare it to the fabric flowers that we have in stock. They say that fore warned is fore armed, so we have put our selection of fabric flowers online. You can browse the the sizes and colours of fabric flowers that we have available before you go on to choose the style of headband that you will be altering. You can even choose a band of leather to make it a stand out piece. Visit The Bead Shop in Melville or online, and view our range of beading and crafting tools, equipment and items to make your jewellery and crafts with.