A Million Glass Beads for Million Uses

What are Glass Beads?

A glass bead, by a very basic definition, means a small piece of glass with a hole through it, that can be put on a string with other similar or dissimilar beads and worn as an adornment. Since glass beads are the most ancient and universal art form, they are considered anthropologically very significant. The contemporary glass beads are much more advanced and intricately designed than the ancient ones. They are available in a multitude of designs, shapes, sizes and colours.

Uses for Glass Beads

Glass beads are used primarily in two kinds of applications. They are used for making curtains and are used in ornaments. But their most prominent usage can be seen in beaded jewellery items.

1) Glass Beaded Curtains: These curtains can become a decor item or focal point for the room from a design perspective. The stones used for the fabrication of these curtains are multicolored, have intricate carvings, an enticing finish, and beautiful coating.

2) Use for Jewellery: The most ancient use for glass beads was jewellery making only. The grace of these stones increases when they are used in contrast with gemstones and metal beads. We can say that the glass beads used for making adornments are most appealing, gleaming and conspicuous in nature.

Glass Beads in South Africa

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