Where to Buy Bone Beads in South Africa

The celebration of jewellery as a cornerstone of fashion in community dates back to the Roman era. As time has moved on, jewellery has evolved into an art form and fashion expression.  Through each age and space, beads have always been a staple of jewellery design.

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Diamonds and pearls are worn on the rarest occasions and given as gifts very rarely.  Beads are colourful, stylish and mesmerizing.  Beads have endured as other items of jewellery have been discarded to the history books.

Generally, the components utilized for generating these beads are glass, stone, plastic which beads can also be created up from bone, ivory, hone, shell, steel, coral, pearl, gemstones, polymer clay, resin, metal clay, wooden, dietary fibre, ceramic, artificial minerals, seeds and paper which can be very popular. 100,000 years ago beads were produced of Nassarius shells. Beads are somewhat a bridge to the past and a glimpse of the future. 

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