High Quality Findings for Jewellery

Beading jewellery involves using many beads, tools, threads and Jewellery Findings. Findings are an essential part of all jewellery making. It is well known among beading enthusiasts that well chosen findings can make or break the piece of jewellery and makes all the difference to an item.The right findings finish the item of jewellery and picking the right findings to complement and finish your work to a professional standard is essential.

What are Findings?

Jewellery findings is the name given to the many small components that support, finish and secure a piece of jewellery. Most wire jewellery will be finished off in some way by the use of one or more types of findings. If you pick the right finding, of the right quality, it will complement your work.

Quick Tip

It is important to choose findings which are suitable for wear close to skin where appropriate. It is best to avoid findings made of cheap alloys in this instance in case they cause a reaction with the skin. Beading takes time and effort. From the design right through to driving to your favourite bead shop, to putting the piece together. It is an involved process. If you have spent many hours working on a beautiful item of jewellery, it would be wise to finish it off with a high quality finding. The Bead Shop Melville is well renowned for stocking the biggest range of findings in South Africa. What sets us apart from all other bead shops is that we maintain the highest quality, of the biggest range, at the best prices.