Watch Faces from the Bead Shop to Design your own Funky Watch

Designer watches

fall into the category of aspirational items. Lots of people would love to own them, but really only a handful will ever get to. The answer is not to go out and spend more on a luxury purchase than you can afford. You do not have to give up on your dream of wearing an expensive looking watch either. The Bead Shop in Melville, Johannesburg makes all your dreams come true. Our line of watch faces are expensive looking, yet reasonably priced. The range offers you choice and diversity and you can pick the watch face of your dreams.

How to Use a Watch Face to Design Your Own Jewellery and Watches

The Bead Shop offers jewellery making courses that include all of the material that you will need to make your own watch. We will give you the skills to be able to create your own amazing looking watch that will make your friends really jealous! These watches don’t have the designer tag but they are beautiful creations in their own right. A lot of our clients tell us that their friends and family members have bought the watches right off their arms and they are back at the Bead Shop to buy watch faces to make more watches as gifts for their friends.

Purchase Craft Books from the Bead Shop

The Bead Shop has a wide range of crafting books that you can use as a reference point to design your watches or other items of jewellery. We are the one stop shop for all things beautiful. We would love you to visit us online and register as a user on our beading site. We welcome you to visit our breathtaking retail outlet Bead Shop in Melville, Johannesburg.