How to Design Button Bracelets

Make Your Own Bracelets

Beading bracelets range from the simple to the sublime. The simplest are made by simply stringing beads onto jewellery cord. They make a great project to do with your kids. The beads from the Bead Shop Melville, Johannesburg are adorable and affordable. The most elegant bracelets combine beautiful beads with semi-precious stones and glass beads. More complicated bracelets - though still easy to make - incorporate a range of beads in different styles. From memory wire bracelets, and tiger-eye stone beads; to a stretchy bead bracelet with a musical theme; to a glass bead master piece, you can do it and have it all.

How to Make Your Own Jewellery

Making your own jewellery for you and your kids is a fun activity to do at home, and also saves money becasue you can buy beads and beading equipment from the Bead Shop Melville, for the fraction of the price of ready made jewellery. If you are an innovator, intent on making a statement with the jewellery that you design and wear, you will have an absolute ball at the Bead Shop. Our range of beads and jewellery accessories, coupled with our knowledge and love of innovation and design, will really get you going. Visit the Bead Shop Melville, Johannesburg online now, or visit us in person, and get an eyeful of our incredible stock and expertise. We also offer jewellery making courses and crafting books if you are new to all of this!