Fimo Clay Beads Will Never Go Out of Style

What are Fimo Clay Beads?

To start off, let’s explore the components of a Fimo clay bead. It is made of polymer clay that can be transformed into beads of different colors and sizes. Polymer clay comes in three forms including the fimo, premo and sculpey.

Most people buy Fimo beads because Fimo is the right clay for making beautiful beads. Fimo beads have an enduring popularity because they are incredibly versatile. The components, colours, and textures vary from bead to bead, which makes them each unique. Fimo beads can be used to make neckpieces, bracelets, and earrings.

What is Polymer Clay? Polmer clay It is made of a polyvinyl chloride material, plastic and integrated with colors.

What is the Source of Fimo Beads?

It’s interesting to note however that in the 1930’s, Kathe Kruse discovered an alternate plastic modelling compound that can be used for her doll factory. However, it did not materialize and she then handed over to her daughter Sophie Kruse, fondly known as “Fifi”. It was then sold to Eberhard Faber and is now popularly known as FIMO or Fifi’s Modeling compound. Thus, came about FIMO, another form of polymer clay used for sculpting, caning, and beading, among all other things that can be used for any arts and crafts materials.

How Do I Use Fimo in My Jewellery Design?

Added to any item of jewellery, Fimo clay beads brighten your look and create elegant pieces. Visit The Bead Shop today, either online or at their Johannesburg wholesale bead shop today for all of your beading needs.