Bead Looms: American Indian Accessory

Beading Tools in Johannesburg

There are many different tools and supplies that are needed to make jewellery. The more professional you become, and the more seriously you begin to take this hobby, the more equipment you will need to accumulate. These tools and supplies need not be prohibitively expensive. The Bead Shop Melville encourage you to take those next steps in your beading or jewellery making career. We offer you high quality tools and equipment at very competitive prices that will leave you leaping for joy and beading with renewed gusto.

Beading Beautifully

If you are a jewellery maker and sell your products at boutiques shops and other stores, you will know that at some point, you need to find a supplier of wholesale jewellery making tools. You will need a range of beads, wire, elastic, tools, and other accessories if you are into beading. Bead looms allow the jeweller to create very intricate patterns of beads.

What is a Bead Loom?

A bead loom is much like a cloth loom. The long, vertical threads which support the work are called warp threads, and the horizontal thread upon which you actually string the beads is called the weft or woof thread. Instead of struggling with one bead at a time, the loom will enable you to create beautiful patterns and designs, that look professionally done. Visit The Bead Shop website now to get yourself a bead loom, and all of the other accessories necessary to design and create beautiful beading masterpieces.