Semi-precious beads

Looking for a Supplier of Semi-precious Beads?

Are you hankering for hematite, or addicted to amber? You don’t have to pay ridiculous prices to get your hands on good quality semi-precious stones in Johannesburg. The Bead Shop Melville offers you a wide selection of the most beautiful semi-precious beads.

Want to Use Semi-precious Stones in Your Jewellery Design?

What makes people design their own jewellery with Semi-Precious stones? If you are an entrepreneur looking for a great business idea, jewellery made with semi precious stones offers you a lucrative business opportunity. If you shop at The Bead Shop, you will be able to pick up really good semi-precious beads, at really good prices. Making your profit margins that much more pleasant. You may also choose to adopt jewellery design as a hobby or an outlet for channelling your creativity. If you fantasize about creating semi precious jewellery, your fantasy can now become a reality. All you need is motivation and creativity.

The Bead Shop offers books, lessons, and tips from our knowledgeable staff.

The beading lessons offered at The Bead Shop are an excellent way to learn the fundamental steps of designing jewellery that contains semi precious stones. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons, so you would certainly benefit from our classes.

Visit the Bead Shop website today and tap into your creativity and let your entrepreneurial spirit flourish.