Calling all Craft Enthusiasts in South Africa

Crafting Hobby Johannesburg

If you would like to turn crafting into an every day hobby, you might be happy to hear that craft supplies are available from a great source in Johannesburg.  With online craft shops, and real world stores, you have a plethora of choice when it comes to your craft hobby.  Regardless of the type of craft you are in to,  there are a variety of products on the market that you would love to get your hands on, that would probably elevate your craft to the next level. 

The Bead Shop is a Johannesburg based craft supply store with offerings to the online world, with The Bead Shop Website, and the much loved wholesale outlet Bead Shop in Melville.

The shop has become something of a landmark in Johannesburg, and if you are into jewellery, beading or crafting of any kind, or just love beautiful things, you have probably heard of The Bead Shop, Melville.

The Bead Shop offers high quality imported and local products at surprisingly low prices, giving you a competitive advantage for the end product of your crafting creations.  If you are an habitual crafter, or interested in a fun activity for your kids, you are welcome at The Bead Shop

We offer a huge variety of beading and craft supplies.  We have been in the business for many many years.  Our expertise and product knowledge will help you in selecting exactly the type of crafting equipment and supplies that you require.Come to our friendly store or visit The Bead Shop online today for the best products at the best prices.